Oh, what a beautiful buzz to behold at Downtown Las Vegas’ most picturesque dining and drinking locale. Fresh fun fare, rustic libations and eclectic surprises await all who visit Park. Natural wonders stretch from the bustle of the front patio along Fremont Street to the confines of the lushly vibrant back patio filled with eroding and decaying items of whimsy.

What’s a Park without a picnic? Whether the day calls for indoor feasting or outdoor moonlit noshing, indulge in Park on Fremont’s all new menu of Pickings, Sandwiches and Comfort Foods. Crispy Brussels sprouts and fried pickles kick it off with conviviality, while double-handed sandwiches such as the Big McPark, Turkey Bacon Avo-Philly and The Freebird are hearty for one but shareable for two. And a tot is not a tot is not a tot unless it’s a Samurai Teeter Tot (drizzled in soy caramel and Sriracha aioli) or unless it’s a fry and then it could be Garbage (loaded with the works). What’s in that condiment you ask? Every garden has its secrets.

Park On Fremont
506 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

8am-11am (Breakfast)
11am-11pm (Lunch & Dinner)

8am-11am (Breakfast)
11am-3pm (Brunch)
3pm-1am (Lunch, Dinner & Late Night)

10am-3pm (Brunch)
3pm-1am (Lunch, Dinner & Late Night)

10am-3pm (Brunch)
3pm-11pm (Lunch & Dinner)



Minors are welcome to our front patio from Morning until 6pm. Thank you.



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